Maguy and the zither

Passion and certitude

«At the age of 23, I have decided to dedicate my professional life to the zither, convinced that this instrument, so far limited to folk music, could not only touch everyone's soul but also gain its place troughout the classical music universe.»

A vast variety of experiences

«Well beyond my path as a zither player, as a teacher, as a publisher or a composer, my carreer grew by exploring new domains within the zither world, by a constant reflexion (reflexion that helped for 28 years in the making of the review Cithare & Harmonie), by meeting new zither players, luthiers, and other musicians from around the world... and by the spiritual experience.»

«An evolving disability should have prevented me from keeping on playing the zither. And yet, having to face that disability only strengthened the connection I have with that instrument.»

So much to share!

All those dimensions contribute to Maguy's competency and personality.

Through these lines, one will find an overview of Maguy's path in life, and of the deepening which she can happily testify about (through conferences, which of course are always an opportunity for live zither demo as well).

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Last upadte on 1 April 2017.