Maguy and her music instrument:
the chord zither…

« The zither came to me, filling me everyday with its sweet and deep sonority, its unmatchable resonance... and I've decided to dedicate my life to it. »

A vocation

« For more than 30 years now, I've dedicated my time to the instrument study, composing, training, publishing, recording, playing concerts, and exploring every aspect related to the zither… longing to give this instrument the fame and recognition it deserves within the music world. »

And so the zither owes quite a bit to Maguy, who has became a reknown international expert; and she keeps on evolving both musically and spiritually…


According to her students and listeners, both her teaching and her playing are radiant. And you can easily witness that throughout these pages, as well as through the numerous videos and audio samples in this site.


« This instrument led me to unexpected paths… »: Maguy founded and remains a dedicated member of the non-profit "Amis de la cithare"; she creates original musical pieces based on the Psalms; she has perfected her knowledge and now is educating people to psalmody; she composes and harmonizes lithurgic chants.